Who is Maggie Simmons?

My name is Maggie Simmons and I’m a wife to an incredible man and have four grown children, a girl and 3 boys, and 3 daughter-in-loves, plus 8 amazing grandchildren! I have written 2 books, one titled, A Rag Doll’s Heart, A Women’s Journey to Worth, and most recently A Woman’s Guide to Worth. The reason I write is to heal through Jesus Christ.

I have struggled with my worth most of my life continually dealing with those incessant feelings of not being good enough. I searched for my value in people and positions only to be disappointed over and over again.

Forever taunted by my childhood wounds, I built emotional walls to hide behind, while living in constant fear and condemnation. Though I became a Christian at a young age, I didn’t comprehend the depth of Christ’s devotion to me, so little change took place. It was only when I realized that my true worth came from the love of Jesus Christ did healing begin.

I wanted to create a safe place here for women to connect, share stories, and be encouraged.  We are all on our journey to worth, we are not alone in our fight, so let us give each other courage to embrace the truth and allow it to heal.

Welcome to the Journey!