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Lost Images - November 21, 2019

Have you ever glanced in a mirror and quickly turned away Or avoided one all together I know I have And though it can just be a silly thing to do, does it reveal more about how we view our image...

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Steps of Sorrow (a personal story of loss of a parent) - November 2, 2019

Forty-eight years ago today, on Monday, March 13, 1972 my life changed drastically forever As a ten year old little girl I had no idea the anguish that awaited me as I walked home...

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Up in Flames - September 10, 2019

Come and get it!!! 😂This is what happens when you forget that you put sausage on the BBQ!I was looking forward to serving this amazing sausage yesterday but it didn’t quite work...

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Calmness Calls - August 27, 2019

We went to the back bay in Newport this weekend The grandkids loved the inflatablesthey did tons of bouncing and backflips trying to gain more air with each attemptBut me, at this stage of the game,...

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Reluctantly Forgiving - July 20, 2019

As I have written in the past, I was in an abusive marriage for 23 years I knew I had to eventually forgive my ex-husband for ruining our marriage and damaging me and my children, but for a long...

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