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Finding Hope in Beauty - June 12, 2019

A number of years ago, I was in the most hopeless state of my life because I doubted God’s existence I had been praying for years that my husband’s abuse would end, though there were times of...

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The Other Most Holy Night - April 18, 2019

As I have been trying to prepare my heart for Holy Week,  I’ve been studying the last hours of Jesus’ death and what transpired Jesus knew what was to come and he wanted to spend his final hours...

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Unfolding Beauty - April 17, 2019

The beauty that surrounds us because of the rush of rain storms this year is evident for sure We see our once dry brown and barren hills glimmering with a radiant green rarely seen around these parts...

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Trampled Beauty - March 18, 2019

Super bloom beauty has arrived in the hills of our state like never before! In last weeks blog I described how I scaled the rugged paths to find the treasures of gold awaiting such beauty...

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Resistance to Praying at Abortion Clinics - March 16, 2019

I have noticed that when I talk to my protestant/evangelical friends about marching for life or praying at abortion clinics they look at me with a concerned expression on their faces They are worried...

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