The last time I blogged I discussed how we can be decieved into believing that we can heal ourselves with our own devices; hiding our pain from others in the walls we build around our heart. The truth is though, what is hidden cannot be healed. As hard as it might seem, we need to come out of hiding to receive healing through Christ’s grace and mercy . We must put an end to searching for our value in things that only bring heartache and allow the truth to be revealed.

Bound by Spells

I want you to get a better picture of what I mean. I love to read and there’s a book in particular where the character finds himself in a fog; a deep spell that hides him from the truth. The book is called The Silver Chair and it’s apart of the Chronicles of Nanria series by C. S. Lewis.

An evil witch has cast a spell on a young prince where he lives in deceptions 23 hours a day and he only has one hour a day where he knows the truth of who he is; but the evil witch keeps watch and has him bound to the chair so he doesn’t break free. Sadly, the prince thinks it’s reverse and that he knows the truth for 23 hours and for one hour he is in an enchantment.

 “I am bound by a spell, every night there comes an hour where my mind is most horribly changed and after my mind, my body. First I become furious and wild and would rush on my friends to kill them, if I were not bound and soon after I turn into a great serpent. So they tell me and they certainly speak the truth. I myself know nothing of it.”

Beauty Marred

I have been in this type of ‘spell’ before, during my first marriage to my abusive husband. Because I was being told lies over and over again, the truth became very obscured. It felt as if I were in this thick fog where I couldn’t see clearly or think wisely; continually bringing confusion to my soul.

If you have had an experience like this, not necessarily in an abusive marriage, you will understand what I mean. You start believing others’ deceitful words that you aren’t good enough and aren’t worth loving. The things you knew as truth before are now clouded. Deception sets into your heart like a thick fog. We then accept this distorted image others have made for us instead of believing in the Image God created for us. Their harmful words and destructive actions disfigures us. Disfigure actually means to ‘mar the appearance of beauty’. This is what happens in relationships like this…the beauty that God gave you is tragically marred.

Like the prince, we sometimes get a glimpse of who we really are…a truth is told to us and we attempt to take hold of it and allow it deep within our hearts to heal. But then doubt intervenes and we are restrained by fear again. The truth begins to dissipate and we are back in that chair of deception believing the lies once more.

Breaking the Spell

The seriousness of this metaphor cannot be missed. This spell we are under is extremely dangerous because it keeps us enslaved to the lies told to us by others; obsecuring our worth. We have given the power to man to determine our value, instead of Christ. And that is a travisty.

We must wake up from our enchantment, as the prince finally did, and become aware of these entrapments we are in. You know the truth…down deep…it is time to trust Christ with your fears. As we become willing to tell the truth about ourselves, God will do what we cannot do. He will conform us into His Image instead of someone else’s. This is what He did in the beginning, but man marred that Divine Image. However, Christ came to earth to redeem that distortion. He came to give us His Robe of Righteousness, a robe that doesn’t hide us or cover our sins, but transforms us, throughout our life… into His Image.

I want you to know that you are the most beautiful thing God created, for you are made in the likeness of God Himself. Begin to embrace this truth so it can dispel all the lies that have controlled you. Call upon the name of Jesus so helaing can start.

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