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63 Million Babies Silenced Forever - January 23, 2021

By Maggie Simmons in honor of th 63 million babies aborted since 1973 in  the USALord have mercy on us all What do you do with the 63 million smiles that were lostThe cries not heard…And...

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Navigating Through Hate - October 8, 2020

Some days I feel as if I am knee deep in a marsh of hate, sloshing around in waist high boots in the muck and mire of anger that this world seems to spew out continuously I anxiously navigate...

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Who is Your Watchman? - August 7, 2020

Slumber and sloth call continually Ignoring the beckoning of heroic cries Our thoughts constantly surfing, Being dulled into a sleep, while embracing lies Swept into a dormant...

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Freedom from Facelessness - July 2, 2020

A few years ago I  wrote a book, titled, A Rag Doll's Heart, it's about a woman's journey to her worth in Christ Before I tell you why I wrote the book, I first want to share with you some history...

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The Irony of Walls - June 12, 2020

Walls… they are a part of our every day life and we don’t think twice about them for they are practical barriers that separate and give privacy However, when emotional walls are constructed...

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