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A Prayer for Women - August 15, 2018

Cease your running, my Beloved; stop searching for your worth in this world I know you’re worn out, exhausted but yet, you still seek; unyielding You’re wounds are evident and healing is...

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Reflections on Memories of the Vietnam War - May 28, 2018

It’s the war that was first on televisionbrutality with dinner that we sadly grew accustomed to It’s the war I was raised with; the Vietnam war Where the average age of a drafted soldier was 19...

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Who Did Jesus Pray For? - March 29, 2018

We have discussed some beautiful interactions that Jesus had with his friends those hours before he was betrayed The apostles now were going to be witness of a most sacred prayer between Christ and...

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Steps of Sorrow (a personal story of loss of a parent) - March 13, 2018

Forty-six years ago today, on  Monday, March 13th, my life changed drastically forever As a ten year old little girl I had no idea the anguish that awaited me as I walked home happily from...

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Chasing Your Worth - March 8, 2018

I wanted to repost this from last year becasue it's still very relevant Being that today has been proclaimed, 'A Day Without Women Day' I'd like to share my blog with you based on my Pastor's sermon...

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