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My second book, A Woman’s Guide to Worth is now available.  This is an in-depth study guide to my previous book titled, A Rag Doll’s Heart. While that book told of Rag Doll’s sorrow and her surrender to Christ, this Guide takes you a step further by revealing how you can receive the healing from your pain as you apply the Truth to your life. As we start this journey together I pray that you will come to know your deep worth in the love of Christ and then be healed from your brokenness.

Both books are available on and

I have again decided to lead the 40 Days for Life Campaign in Riverside, Ca. This is a time of peaceful prayer and fasting as we stand outside Planned Parenthhood in a  vigil to end abortion. It starts September 23rd and ends November 1st, 2020. Please consider joining us because as I tell women about their worth in Jesus Chirst the reality of it is that our worth actually begins in the womb, where Christ first new us. So please consider praying for babies. You can sign up at

Also be looking for my new book...There’s Worth in the Womb.

In this most dangerous time for a baby to develop in his mother’s womb, I have written a book for women to understand the beauty they are called to do, indeed a most noble and heroic task; to be a sacred vessel for their unborn baby to mature

This is a  story of a baby’s journey in his mother’s womb and all the changes and growth he experiences waiting to be born…but will he? With much joy, charm, and at times concern the Baby narrates his development through different stages of pregnancy, hoping that he will one day be born and in the loving embrace of his Mommy and Daddy.

 Can’t wait for you to read it…it will hopefully come out by the end of 2020!

God bless you all and thank you for stopping by…