Have you ever glanced in a mirror and quickly turned away? Or avoided one all together? I know I have. And though it can just be a silly thing to do, does it reveal more about how we view our image then we realize? Mirrors reflect the truth …they reflect what is and sometimes that’s difficult to accept isn’t it?

God’s Image VS Our Own

I think the difficulty comes from not understanding that we are made in God’s image. We hear this so often, but we really don’t live from that image God created, do we? Instead we live from images others have created for us… images of distortion…like you’re not smart enough, you’re not talented enough, you’re too fat, you’re too skinny, you’re ugly, you’re stupid, you’re incapable, you’re just not good enough and on and on.

You see our worth is wrapped up in our image, but our image is disfigured because of our sin and the sins against us. And because of this we believe we have little value or are even worthless. We don’t see our worth through the Divine image we were created in; the one that was to refelct God’s glory. No, we sadly see only through an image others have created for us. And this causes a tremendous amount of suffering and pain in our lives, because we continually try to repair that image on our own.

Deformed Images

This attack on our Divine image happened first in the Garden, with Adam and Eve and that image is continually being assaulted today. The devaluing of the human soul is sadly common place in our society. The onslaught is too much to bear at times. This rappant deception and betrayal leaves us so broken, that when we look in a mirror we don’t see God’s image at all, but one that is deformed like in those circus mirrors. This affects us in ways we don’t even realize as the decisions we make in life are based on a faulty foundation others have built and not the truth of what Christ has declared and accomplished.

Awaken to Our Worth

The truth has been stolen from us and now we desperately search for our worth anywhere but in that image of God. I believe the Lord is tryng to awaken us to knowing our worth in Christ. Through the next few weeks we are going to explore the lies we have lived by and try to replace them with the truth of who God says we are.

I hope you continue to come back and be apart of this conversation. For the next week be thinking about the image you have of yourself and where it came from…good or bad. Pray honestly before the Lord for him to reveal things to you that perhaps you have avoided or even buried.

Remind yourself continually that you are made in the image of God and that image is recoverable through Jesus Christ.

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