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So I had a rude awakening today as I realized I forgot to call the jury duty number the night before… I’ve been on stand by all week. I quickly called at 7:00am to find out that I need to be in Banning… yes Banning, by 7:30! Yikes! I was freaking out!
I don’t know how I got ready so fast!
Thankfully people were still in line by 8:30 when I arrived!
This is not my favorite thing to do… it messed up my whole schedule to be truthful and I wasn’t happy.
After taking my pepper spray 😬back to the car I waited in a large room with others to determine our fate.
A group of us were then told at 10:00 that we could leave for an early lunch till 1:15! Double ugh! What do you do in Banning for 3 hours?
But the Lord reminded me that Oak Glen was a few minutes away and so I set out for one of my all time favorite places!
In my frustration the Lord brought me to this place of serenity and absolute beauty.
I sat in the paths between the flowers and allowed the Holy Spirit to calm my agitated soul. What a gift this was! I didn’t deserve it I thought, but that’s how God is… always pouring his grace and mercy upon us sinners! There is beauty all around us, we just need to allow Christ to lead us to it and not be blinded by our frustrations.
I’m so thankful for my day and for God revealing more of his love to me! I pray in times of frustration…especially times of frustration…that you will look to Christ to experience his peace. Don’t try and take it upon yourself to figure it out, he desires for you to give it to him.

Have a beauty-filled day my friends!