Super bloom beauty has arrived in the hills of our state like never before! In last weeks blog I described how I scaled the rugged paths to find the treasures of gold awaiting such beauty seekers.

However, when I stood on the path I noticed something upsetting; many of the flowers had been carelessly crushed by the very people who drove hours to behold their beauty. It brought them so much joy to witness the bloom of this delicate little poppy, but in the midst of their delight, they trampled the flower they were adoring. They killed the beauty that they came to seek.

Wow, isn’t that ironic? I find this very interesting, but not just regarding flowers, because I believe we unfortunately do this exact same thing in our relationships.

Flowers and Relationships

With the onslaught of a new relationship we are careful to be kind, respectful, and attenitive; making sure our devotion is expressed in a way that cannot be denied. But sadly, with time, we become reckless with our love and our patience fades and our selfishness soars and all we see is how things affect us.

We are trampling the very beauty we used to hold dear. Yes, we may get frustrated with those who so thoughtlessly squash the sweet little flower on the hillside, but what are we doing with the heart of our loved one? Are we crushing it with our hurtful words and disrespectful actions? Do we even listen to them while they talk or are we too distracted now?

Remember our hearts our delicate and must reside in a place of safety, like that little flower. They must feel secure in love and not have to guess if they are truly loved. It is a hard task for sure, we must fight self daily, but with the grace of God, we can eventually have the beauty in our relationships that far surpasses the flowers on the hill.

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  1. My heart is heavy reading this, I stand accused. I so often trample the flowering friendship and yet I also feel trampled upon by others. I long for the perfection of Heaven, where we will live in unconditional love. I can’t attain it here on earth. I know I should try harder but I feel so used up. Didn’t mean to have this sound so sad and sorry! But that’s life.

    Comment by Sue Paterson on March 20, 2019 at 2:10 pm

  2. I know what you mean, Sue, thank you for being so honest. Sadly, we all do this for some reason or another. Maybe it’s something we do out of envy, or protecting ourselves, perhaps we are just too distracted and don’t notice the beauty around us or inside people. I do know that you are a very giving person and are apart of the beauty here on earth and I am blessed to have been your friend for so many years. Together we continue to grow and learn and become more like Christ.

    Comment by Maggie Simmons on April 6, 2019 at 2:07 am

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